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Fiat Lux-Starry NightFiat Lux - Bowles Hall from Memorial StadiumFiat Lux - "Give me a 'C'!"Fiat Lux-Wellman HallFiat Lux-Ghosts in the machineFiat Lux-Memorial Stadium 1Fiat Lux - Wurster & SerendipityFiat Lux - "Pappy" WaldorfFiat Lux - Hearst Memorial Mining BuildingFiat Lux - The Bear Will Not Die!Fiat Lux - Field of DreamsFiat Lux - Evans Diamond, Right FieldFiat Lux - Doe Library 2Fiat LuxFiat Lux - Evans DiamondFiat Lux - Wheeler HallFiat Lux - South HallFiat Lux - Doe Library 1Fiat Lux - California HallFiat Lux - Lawrence Hall of Science, No. 1